Questions For Your Wedding Photographer

What’s more romantic than tying the knot on the beach, with the sun sinking over the water in an elegant and awe inspiring backdrop? If you are looking for a relatively hassle free destination wedding, look no further than the U.S. Virgin Islands.

It’s important that the destination wedding photographers you decided on is experienced, but don’t pass the experience alone. Everyone has different expectations from their wedding and how they wish to look. There are some individuals who don’t bother much and just let him do his career. If you are not some people, communicate with him. Let him know how you feel about wedding, why to chose that certain destination, how want to look back at the day in future. If the photographer I skilled enough he would have ready a couple questions that he would like to ask you.

Do not bring a date to a wedding that you are invited to unless the invitation specifically stated that it was okay to bring a guest. The bride and groom might be on a budget and may not be able to afford having too many guests at their wedding.

This list is a great starting point for when you and your professional wedding photography in Toronto discuss shots for your wedding event. Add to or take away from the list based on what is most important to you.

I soon learned that you can have a sturdy tripod, you can have a light tripod and you can have cheap tripod, but you can only have two the three with the “cheap” part going out the window first. Scott Kelby and Joe McNally (two of the best photographers that I follow) recommended Manfrotto Carbon Fiber legs (around $375) and a Really Right Stuff Ball Head (that is the thing on the top that moves and rotates and holds the camera) (another $350+) for a total of over $700. Well I don’t know about you, but that is still out of my budget so I had to go looking for some options, not quite as good, but a lot less expensive.

Finally, she came to the phone and said, “I’m sorry. That was my dad. He doesn’t like the idea of a wedding on Maui. But, don’t worry, everything is fine. He will come around.” A few days later, I was dismayed but not surprised to read her sad email, saying that she was forced to cancel her Hawaii wedding, to please her family.

Another great idea to make your guests feel extra special is by preparing small corsages or boutonnieres for each one. This may seem like a hard task especially if you have a guest of 200, but if you can pull this off, everyone would feel glad that they made it to your big day.

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